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Dada-Laser-Eye-Institute-Dr Jeevan Ladi
Dada-Laser-Eye-Institute-Dr Jeevan Ladi-MB

Dr. Jeevan ladi eye Surgeon

“I wish to continue the journey to benefit my patients with the best possible results available in the world.”

-Dr. Jeevan Ladi

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Introducing the Genius behind the New Revolution in the Field of Ophthalmology, Dr. Jeevan Ladi is the founder of Dada Laser Eye Institute and the World’s Fastest & Safest Vision Correction Technique, VOZ & SAFE.


1987 KEM Hospital, Mumbai


1990 KEM Hospital, Mumbai


1990 KEM Hospital, Mumbai, (Gold Medal)


1991 New Delhi

Dr. Jeevan Ladi began his practice in Pune from 1st January 1991 as a Cataract & Refractive Surgeon and has never stopped inspiring people with his exceptional knowledge and expert guidance till today.

Achievements and Awards-International, National (AIOS) and State (MOS)

Pioneered the technique of “Epinucleus Mode Phacoemulsification” for stitch less cataract surgery, presented as a scientific research paper at ASCRS held at San Diego, California, USA in 2004.

Presented a video on “Phaco in Filtering Blebs” for stitch less cataract surgery at ASCRS, San Diego, California, USA in 2004.

Presented free scientific paper on self developed innovative technique of “Ultrasound Chop for Phacoemulsification” for stitch less cataract surgery at International conference of ASCRS held at Washington DC, USA in April 2005.

Recipient of the prestigious “Dr. V K Chitnis Oration Award” for the year 2004 presented by The Maharashtra Ophthalmic Society for “13 years of exemplary work done on secondary IOL implantation” including sclera fixation used to remove high plus number above +10.

Awarded the First prize for best research paper on “Phacoemulsification in Chronic Uveitis” for stitch less complicated cataract surgery

Bell Pharma award by MOS- Best research paper

Best video prize for surgical video on “Phacoemulsification in Complicated Cases” for stitch less complicated cataract surgery by Maharashtra Ophthalmic Society in October 1999.

Presented 10 international free research papers

AIOS- attended 32 annual conferences, presented 11 research papers and 5 videos, Faculty member of AIOS

Invited as faculty: International conference for eye care in old age.

Delivered numerous public education speeches at various venues.

Publications of articles for Maharashtra Ophthalmic Society & Indian Medical Association Journals

Conducted and participated in many free eye check up camps for public and children at various urban and rural centres.

Organised the first Exhibition in India for public education on “Eye Health Care” in December 1998.

Organised state level live surgical workshop for eye surgeons and didactic lectures at Dada Eye Hospital, Camp, Pune in the year 1997.

Late Dr Ishwar Chandra Award for “Excellence in Ophthalmology” bestowed by Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society

“Best Practitioner Award” 2 times bestowed by Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society

Spectacle number removal (Refractive surgery) Procedures Experience

Secondary scleral fixated IOL for aphakia (high plus number above + 10) from 1991

Radial Keratotomy (RK) from 1993. Training under Dr Charles Kasaber.

Duo track Mini Radial Keratotomy (Mini RK) from 1996. Our RK results were excellent due to stringent selection criteria for only numbers between – 1.50 to – 4.00.

LASIK from October 2000

Only Surgeon in India (to the best of our knowledge) to use most of the Excimer Laser Machines available in the world.

Excimer Machines used: NIDEK, Bausch and Lomb, Zeiss MEL 80 and MEL 60 – Meditec, Allegretto Wavelight, Schwind and VISX. Visumax from Zeiss for ReLEx SMILE

Phakic IOLs – Iris claw and Implantable Contact Lens (ICL): Used for patients not suitable for LASER/LASIK/ReLEx SMILE.

Pre Lex: Presbyopic clear lens extraction with Multifocal IOL above the age of 48 years.

Presbyopic (reading glasses above the age of 40 years) ReLEx SMILE: For Myopic (minus number), Presbyopia (plus number) for reading glasses.

Pseudophakic (spectacle number after cataract surgery) ReLEx SMILE for residual spectacle number (refractive error)

Keratoconus (forward bulging of front part of eye-cornea): 1.Semisoft Toric contact lenses, Corneal Collagen Cross linking (C3R). 2.Kera Rings / INTACS and Implantable Contact Lens (ICL).

Key Positions Held

Managing committee Member AIOS 2017-2000
Trustee: Vision India Foundation
  1. 2014-2015

    President Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society (MOS)

  2. 2012-2014

    Vice President Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society (MOS)

  3. 2010-2012

    Chairman Scientific Committee: Maharashtra Ophthal. Society

  4. 2011 - 2012

    President Poona Ophthalmological Society

  5. 2010 – 2011

    Vice President Poona Ophthalmological Society

  6. 2011

    Chairman Organizing Committee State Conference

  7. 2010-2012

    Member Scientific Committee of Maharashtra Ophthal. Society

  8. Managing Committee member of Maharashtra Ophthal Society.

  9. Ex-Honorary secretary of Pune Ophthalmic Society

  10. Honorary Treasurer of Maharashtra Ophthalmic Society

  11. Ex-Honorary: Pune Municipal Corporation, Deendayal Hospital, Bharti Vidhyapeeth Medical College, Apollo and Jehangir Hospital

  12. Worked as an Honorary Eye surgeon for many charitable institutes

Ex-Honorary Positions Held at Charitable, Government and NGO institutes

  1. 1991-1998

    Pune Municipal Corporation, Kamala Nehru Hospital and Gadikhana (First as an associate of Dr M. B. Jhamwar and then Honorary)

  2. 1991-1999

    Deendayal Memorial Hospital

  3. 1991-19994

    Dynana Prabhodhini Medical Trust

  4. 1993-1994

    Bharati Vidhyapeeth Medical College and Hospital

  5. 1994

    Netraseva Pratisthan

  6. 1993-1994 (Ad hoc to Bharati Hospital)

    Mahatma Gandhi Hospital

  7. 1998-2008

    Apollo and Jehangir Hospital

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Few concepts, procedures and technologies introduced for the first time in Pune

Scleral 4 point Fixated IOL (1991) for high plus number above + 10. Patients who underwent cataract surgery without Lens implantation were benefited with new and natural vision.

Phacoemulsification surgery: Stitchless cataract surgery with Ultrasound (December 1994)

Innovation: Vertical (12 – 6 o’clock) Scleral fixated IOL. This keeps the lens in a natural position.

Topical anaesthesia phaco surgery. Cataract surgery with no injection, no stitches, no eye patch. Walk-in Walk-out cataract surgery (May 1996)

Morscher Ring (Germany): CTR – Capsulo Tension Ring for subluxated cataract 1996. If the Lens / Cataract is shifted due to some reason this technique helps to reposition the new lens / IOL in a natural position with regaining good vision.

Cionni’s Modified CTR: for subluxated cataract of more than 180 degrees with scleral fixation of ring – 2001. In cases of extreme displacement of lens / cataract this technique helps to put the new lens / IOL back in its natural position with excellent vision.

Limbal Relaxing Incisions for Astigmatism(Cylindrical number) : LRI – 1996. This helps to correct cylindrical numbers and improves quality of vision.

Introduced Cold Phaco Technology – 2003. Ultrasound is used like cold Laser energy. This improved visual recovery and quality of vision.

CustomVue, VISX, USA: Wavefront Guided Customised Lasik – April 2008. Apart from correction of spectacle numbers, they improve the quality of vision.

First in India- Galilei, Switzerland, Double Scheimpflug Camera for anterior segment analysis – March 2008. This works like CT scan of the front part of the eye giving minutest details in seconds with precision of all data.

Phakic Iris Claw IOL for High Myopia – 1999. Used in patients having very high spectacle numbers or for those who are not suitable for Laser Vision Correction.

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL), Switzerland 2001. Used in patients having very high spectacle numbers or for those who are not suitable for Laser Vision Correction.

Pseudophakic arcuate astigmatic keratotomy for high Astigmatism (Cylindrical number): – 6.5 D. Patients who underwent cataract surgery with Lens implantation but due to some reason left with high cylindrical numbers. This improves the quality and quantity of vision.

Pseudophakic (number remaining after cataract surgery): CustomVue Lasik-2009. This uses a customised Laser to correct the spectacle number remaining after cataract surgery.

Started microsurgery and IOL implantation for Pune Municipal Corporation, Kamala Nehru Hospital-1994. This helped corporation employees to get benefits of modern cataract surgery.

Dedicated 100% Laminar Flow Ophthalmic Operation Theatre with Hepa Filters-2007. This gives zero bacteria air flow in the operation theatre all the time reducing chances of infection.

Bioptics – 1998: Use of 2 techniques to correct spectacle numbers. When spectacle number is very high two techniques are used to correct spectacle number with Laser Vision Correction and Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)

Toric Multifocal Intraocular Lens (IOL) – 2001. In patients undergoing cataract surgery this IOL corrects – far, near, intermediate (like computer use) and cylindrical number for lifetime.

Innovation: “ReLEx SMILE with VOZ and SAFE” – 2015. Dada Laser Eye Institute is the only centre in the world to use 30% less tissue for correction of spectacle number. This increases safety and higher numbers can be treated safely.

ReLEx SMILE is a new generation of Lasik Laser which is bladeless, flapless and Semi-Robotic with highest precision. Variable Optic Zone (VOZ) saves 30% tissue and Shearing Applied Force Extraction (SAFE) regains vision in 5 seconds. Both VOZ and SAFE have achieved multiple awards at state and national level.

Innovation: “Ladi Method of Immersion Scan” – 2018. This is the most accurate method of calculating Lens / IOL power which is implemented after cataract surgery for correction of spectacle number using monofocal, cylindrical and multifocal Lens / IOL.

Innovation: Pioneered the technique of “Epinucleus Mode Phacoemulsification” for stitch less cataract surgery, presented as a scientific research paper at ASCRS held at San Diego, California, USA in 2004.

Innovation: Presented free scientific paper on self developed innovative technique of “Ultrasound Chop for Phacoemulsification” for stitch less cataract surgery at International conference of ASCRS held at Washington DC, USA in April 2005.

Person with age of 101 years operated for cataract surgery with multifocal Lens / IOL using bladeless, stitchless, patchless and injection less Femto Laser surgery

International Conferences: invited as Faculty

Invited as Faculty within Maharashtra

  1. J. J. Hospital, Mumbai

  2. Ahmednagar Academy

  3. Karad Ophthalmic association

  4. Kalyan-Dombivali Ophthalmic association

  5. Thane Ophthalmic association

  6. Kolhapur Ophthalmic association

  7. Solapur Ophthalmic association

  8. Aurangabad Ophthalmic association

  9. Pusad Ophthalmic association

  10. Navi Mumbai Ophthalmic association

  11. Mumbai Ophthalmic association (BOA) – Every year from 1996

  12. Eye Advance- Each conference from 1996

  13. Akola Ophthalmic association

  14. Amravati Ophthalmic association

  15. Beed Ophthalmic association

  16. Yavatmal Ophthalmic association

  17. Vidarbha Ophthalmic association

  18. Latur Ophthalmic association

  19. Nashik Ophthalmic association

  20. Sangamner Ophthalmic association

  21. Satara Ophthalmic association

  22. Sangli Ophthalmic association

  23. Miraj Ophthalmic association

  24. Pravaranagar, Loni Ophthalmic association

  25. Dr Vikhe Patil Medical college Ophthalmic association

  26. Dr Vasantrao Pawar medical college Ophthalmic association

  27. Mahatma Gandhi Medical college Ophthalmic association

  28. Jalgaon Ophthalmic association

  29. Shirdi Ophthalmic association

  30. Vashi Ophthalmic association

  31. Indian Medical Association (IMA)

International Refractive Surgery Fellowships

Dr Theio Seilar, Switzerland: Femtosecond Laser live surgery for spectacle number and different applications – 2007.

Dr Arturu Chayat, Tijvana, USA border: Refractive and cataract surgery-2003.

Dr Arun Gulani, Florida, USA: Refractive corneal and surface plastic surgeries – 2007.

Dr Ekktet Chansue, Hongkong, Thailand: ReLEx SMILE, Lasik & ASA – 2015