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Frequently Asked Questions

Research has shown that there are four main reasons that people choose to have LASIK. They are:

  • Life simplification: No longer having to deal with glasses or contacts.
  • Independence: Freedom from dependence on glasses and/or contacts.
  • Performance: Ability to perform better in sports-related activities.
  • Ability to see 24/7 when it counts: Better vision for all occasions (e.g., during sports activities, swimming, evening out etc.)

LASIK can also increase field of vision which is restricted in spectacle wear.

Prior to treatment, you will have a thorough eye examination, called a laser vision consultation, conducted at DLEI to determine whether your eyes are healthy and suitable for LVC (Laser Vision Correction) . In addition, a detailed video and computer image is taken of your eye that will detail the curvature, shape, overall smoothness and regularity of the cornea.

This depends largely on the amount of correction required. Most people require a low to moderate degree of laser vision correction that should result in vision similar to that with glasses or contact lenses. Vision is usually blurry in the first 1-2 hoursafter the LVC procedure. After few hours vision comes back to normal.

We recommend you plan to have laser vision correction when you can afford 2 days to relax and enjoy the benefits of your new vision. A postoperative visit is required at 24 hours. The healing of the eye occurs during this period so we recommend you take a day or two off from work.

The decision to have laser vision correction depends on the results of a thorough preoperative evaluation. Just as you are a unique individual, each eye requires unique and careful examination with the best technology. At Dada laser eye institute, we complete a 2 hour, evaluation to determine whether or not you are a safe candidate for laser vision correction. Some basic requirements include:

  • A stable eyeglass prescription for at least 1 year
  • Best corrected vision of at least 20/40.
  • Healthy cornea.
  • No active eye disease.
  • Over 18 years old.

It is an acronym standing for- Refractive Lenticule Extraction (ReLEx)is a novel refractive surgery and the most recent, advanced laser vision correction procedure in the world. Many surgeons believe that this No-Flap All-Femto laser vision correction is thesafest technique so far.

It is an acronym standing for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction ( SMILE ) is a minimally invasive and innovative procedure. Instead of the laser ablation of the cornea, only minimal amount is lasered to create a lenticule which is then extracted through a keyhole corneal incision (compare 2mm to 20 mm used in LASIK) ReLEx and SMILE are same but both terminologies are used commonly worldwide.

  • Short recovery time
  • Less Dry Eye
  • No flap related complications
  • Less post operative precautions and care
  • Inadvertent eye rubbing is safe
  • Safest procedure so far