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Dada-Laser-Eye-Institute-Dr Jeevan Ladi-VOZ & SAFE
Dada-Laser-Eye-Institute-VOZ and SAFE


Dada Laser Eye Institute (DLEI) pioneers the World’s Fastest & Safest Vision Correction Technique VOZ & SAFE, granting freedom from glasses with unparalleled benefits and safety. As the only provider of VOZ & SAFE worldwide, DLEI’s inventions have earned numerous accolades, elevating safety and precision to unprecedented heights. Many eye specialists have personally chosen DLEI for this procedure, achieving liberation from glasses.

About Dr. Jeevan Ladi

Introducing the Genius behind the New Revolution in the Field of Ophthalmology, Dr. Jeevan Ladi is the founder of Dada Laser Eye Institute and the World’s Fastest & Safest Vision Correction Technique, VOZ & SAFE. The Trendsetter, Dr. Jeevan Ladi began his practice in Pune from 1st January 1991 as a Cataract & Refractive Surgeon and has never stopped inspiring people with his exceptional knowledge and expert guidance till today. He has Pioneered many techniques and has bagged numerous awards for his innovative thinking. 
  • 30+ Years of experience
  • 10,000+ Surgeries
  • Hon. Member of Top Ophthalmology Associations
  • Recipient of Prestigious Awards

VOZ (Variable Optic Nerve)

Dr. Jeevan Ladi, A Visionary in the Ophthalmology space has introduced the groundbreaking V.O.Z. concept in 2015, which is used in advanced LASIK Laser techniques like Refractive Lenticule Extraction (ReLEx) or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE). Tailoring the treatment to individual needs, this innovation optimizes tissue consumption based on the size of the pupil. Through advanced state-of-the-art Scheimpflug Imaging System and specialized Laser light, the pupil size is accurately measured under various lighting conditions. This data is then utilized to determine the precise amount of corneal tissue to be treated with Laser. Dr. Jeevan Ladi has developed specialized software for precise calculations, ensuring a harmonious correlation between the treated tissue and pupil size to minimize photic phenomena such as glare and halos.

Benefits of V.O.Z. for Laser Vision Correction

  • Saves over 30% of corneal tissue
  • Enhances corneal strength during the procedure
  • Reduces the risk of side effects
  • Safely treats higher levels of refractive errors
  • Minimizes the need for invasive procedures like Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)
  • Shortens procedure time by requiring less Laser for smaller tissue areas

Awards Secured

  • Best Free Paper by Private Practitioner Award in MOSCON 2018 & 2019

S.A.F.E (Shearing Applied Force Extraction) of Lenticule in ReLEx SMILE:

Dr. Jeevan Ladi sets the standards in Ophthalmic Breakthroughs by introducing the S.A.F.E. technique in 2015 for advanced LASIK procedures like ReLEx or SMILE. The primary objective of this technique is to minimize corneal inflammatory response, promote rapid healing and immediate visual recovery. By harnessing natural forces, the procedure ensures minimal tissue manipulation for optimal outcomes.

Benefits of SAFE for Laser Vision Correction

  • Vision recovery in 5 seconds 
  • Fastest Visual Improvement
  • Painless, Bladeless & Flapless
  • Advanced Robotic-Assisted Technique
  • Reduced procedure time
  • Quick Return to Daily Activities

Awards Secured

  • Best Research Paper Award at MOSCON 2019
  • Best Video for SAFE in iBeach Film Festival at AIOC (All India Ophthalmology Conference) 2022

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